We have a very diverse Girls wear team. Our objective is to deliver new and exciting forward thinking high street fashion as well as commercial best selling product. The depth of our knowledge and our professionalism keeps us one step ahead of any competitive Girls wear supplier. The department works very closely together in a creative atmosphere, which allows us to travel regularly to various fashion capitals in search of new design direction. Each member of this innovative team is given a chance to add there own creative direction to the our MT development. This allows the company to benefit from all of our creative minds collectively.

Our attention to detail and knowledge of our customer’s portfolio is key. This ensures that we deliver the right design to suit the customer’s needs as well as keeping a strong identity and handwriting for MT Design Studio. Below you will find a collection of recent product that we have developed for the high street that identifies all the specific areas of Girls Jersey Fashion that we can design, manufacture and deliver. Our capabilities are limitless for jersey products, as our customers needs for new fashion progresses daily. If you would like to contact us directly, please see below for all specific details that you would require.