MT Design Studio is based in the heart of the West End London. We are the design & marketing force behind our parent company Modatimkar Group Istanbul. Our main areas of expertise are Women & Men jersey led garments. We excel in fashion styles and fabrics such as fine cotton, modals, viscose, wool, silk, velours, waffles and jacquards in various gauges and constructions. We produce over 1000 new fashion designs each month and we have over 5000 seasonal fabrics in our library.

Our mission is to provide our customers a professional, reliable and comprehensive service second to none. We aim to satisfy in full the expectations of our customers by providing consistently the highest possible quality products on time and at globally competitive price points. In pursuit of this, we are dedicated to maintaining a high level of responsibility, integrity and honesty to all concerned. At the same time, we are committed to encouraging the motivation and full-cooperation of our manufacturing partners and our dedicated staff.

We have an exceptional design team that has considerable knowledge and expertise in all areas of garment and graphic design, as well as fabric sourcing and development. We continually work with the main fabric mills, washhouses and print units in Istanbul, Turkey on new developments and product ranges. In terms of styles we are able to produce anything from a core line product to a heavily styled and detailed, washed garment.

Over the last 32 years our skilled design team have been responsible for creating new fashion concepts, designs and production that helps increase our customers’ sales. Being situated in the center of London we get a great insight into the fast pace industry that is UK fashion. Reacting quickly is key to success.

We pride ourselves in our high standard work ethic and customer satisfaction. Strong relationships and passion for quality are at the heart of what we do. The main objective of MT Design Studio is to bring new and inspiring designs into this ever growing competitive industry on a daily bases.